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The Key Ingredient in Hosting Engaging Live Events

For people who love in-person networking (like myself), moving all events online probably wasn't fun. But there are ways to make it work

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Personal branding and communication tips for independent consultants

Found the time and recorded a quick video to share some personal branding tips for independent consultants, relevant when who you appeal to matters more than how many people you appeal to.

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How Not Taking Myself too Seriously Helps Me Stay Sane

If you’re ambitious, competitive, learn enough and do your fair share of work, chances are that you’re going to achieve some form of above-average success in your career, whatever that may be.

However, it’s just as likely if not completely inevitable that you’re going to stumble at times and see your fair share of failures, too.

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Irina Nicoleta Scarlat at TEDxTineretului: Building a Career in Tech as a Woman

When Irina Scarlat accepted my invitation to speak at TEDxTineretului I was very excited, particularly because I'm a marketer myself and her position at the time as Head of Growth for CEE at Revolut was very impressive given Revolut's rapid international growth. Today she is the Global* Head of Growth at Revolut and her TEDx Talk remains just as insightful and relevant.

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