Two Must-Have Tools for Personal Branding

 I wanted to write an article on this topic for a while but I never found the time, so I made this video instead to more quickly highlight a couple of tools that I really love and recommend, especially for people who want to do some personal branding but are struggling to find the time.


Webflow + Zapier together really give me everything I need to very quickly publish & distribute content so that I can focus the short time I have on the creative part, and as little as possible on the publishing and distribution part.


Cata Modorcea

For over 7 years, I've been working with and consulting clients in multiple countries, in industries including SaaS, eCommerce, and eLearning.I've managed multiple remote teams, helped implement multi-channel marketing campaigns, and worked with businesses at every level: startup, SMB and Enterprise, including Fortune 50 corporations.I enjoy hosting events for Upwork and working with our national community of talented freelancers.Personal past projects include a successful TEDx event and a local eCommerce business.Currently focused on project management and consulting on digital marketing and automation.

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Two Must-Have Tools for Personal Branding

Webflow + Zapier together really give me everything I need to very quickly publish ...

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